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Key Stage 1 Curriculum Coverage


See National Curriculum


See National Curriculum

S&L and Drama

Listen carefully and understand

Speak to increasingly large audiences

Practise and rehearse sentences and stories with attention to standard English

Take part in role play and drama

                                                  Hold conversations, discussions and debates


Using SNAP Science as the basis

Through the five aspects of working scientifically (Observing over time; Comparative and fair testing: Identifying, classifying and grouping; Pattern seeking; Research using secondary sources):

Seasonal changes


All living things



                                                                   Electricity*  (*not statutory)


Purple Mash Scheme of Work

                                                                    Y1/2 Cycle A (9 units of work)


Competitive games involving attacking/defending/ striking and/or fielding




PHSE and Citizenship (including online safety)

Using the NYCC PHSE&C curriculum document:

Me and my relationships

Keeping myself safe

Me and my future

Becoming an active citizen

My healthy lifestyle

Moving on

British values: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance  of those of different faiths and beliefs


Develop an understanding of chronology, events, historical vocabulary through:

Significant events beyond living memory

Significant scientists

Significant local events or people


Develop subject specific vocabulary and collect information first-hand and through secondary sources, including maps, atlases, globes and aerial photographs, to develop:

Knowledge of continents, oceans and climates

                                                 Weather in the UK and around the world


Through significant artists, art works and personal experiences:


Drawing skills




Develop the skills required to design, make, evaluate and improve:

                                                           Electricals and electronics (link to science)

Construction (wood)

                                                                             Cooking and nutrition


Music Express chosen to link to topic and progress skills


With reference to the NYCC approved syllabus:

Celebrations: Who celebrates what and why

Holy places: what we can learn from visiting a holy building

                                                                      Questions that puzzle us

Further details about the National Curriculum for England (2014), Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 can be found at

Details of the current learning journey for each class can be seen on the relevant class’s page

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