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School Council Page


School Council Minutes 13.6.19


Absent – Finan, Lucia, Callum

  • Class council requests reviewed. Emily/Amber to take to DP.
  • Thought of names for the donated teddies for the Summer Fayre. GT to make lists and decide on the winning names.
  • Instead of a lolly stick game, we are now going to make a grid and hide some donated dinosaurs and people have to use a paintbrush to ‘excavate’ the dinosaur.



School Council Minutes 23.5.19


Absent – Emily, Amber, Reuben, Dennis

  • Class council requests reviewed. Emily/Amber to take to DP.
  • Shared Shelter letter and poster with amount raised.
  • Discussed Jeans for Genes day – wear something denim for a £1 donation. School uniform to be worn.
  • Still awaiting a decision on a recycling fashion day.
  • Summer fayre – 30 names each for the 2 guess the teddy names. 50p a go
  • Lolly stick game – Haribo prizes. 20p a go or 50p for 3 goes.


School Council Minutes 11.4.19


  • Class council requests reviewed. GT to take to staff meeting.
  • Discussed having another class council after half term.
  • Amber and Emily to ask Sapphires children if they want to still have a recycling fashion show.
  • Mrs Mitchell is donating a large dinosaur and shark teddy for the summer fayre ‘guess the teddy’ games. School council to come up with the names for the teddy and GT/NH to decide on the winning name of the teddies.
  • Chn to think of prizes for the lolly stick game.


School Council Minutes 4.4.19


  • Class council requests reviewed. GT to take to staff meeting.
  • Requests already reviewed:
    • Play leaders established
    • Sapphires are getting a class pet
    • New books/Harry Potter day happened on World Book Day
    • Outdoor learning will take place through Forest Schools in the summer term


After half term: another class council; talk about the summer fayre


School Council Minutes 17.01.19


Absent: Emily Wade


  • The council discussed the class council requests from the previous term, now that they have been discussed at staff meeting.
  • All items have been agreed and dates have been set or mix up days and extra curricular days.
  • The friendship bench sign has been moved to the field bench but has not been painted due to costs. Miss Beadnell may be able to ask someone to do this at no cost but this is yet to be confirmed.
  • New class councils have been held and EL and AH are to take the new class council requests to Mrs Parker. See separate list.


School Council Minutes 10.01.19

 All present

  • The council looked at the requests made by the children in the latest class councils and the feedback from Mrs Parker.
  • Pyjama day will go ahead in Spring 1, date to be confirmed. Proceeds to go to Shelter. School shoes to be worn.
  • GT to email Miss Kinsley regarding playground equipment.
  • The friendship bench sign to be moved and if possible the bench repainting with children’ =s handprints. GT to speak to Mrs Hesp.
  • Sponsored read to take place in Spring 2. Staff to decide on the format.
  • Recycling fashion show to take place Summer 2. GT to liaise with Mrs Reynolds and the Eco Council initially.
  • MFL day to take place in Spring 2 – GT to speak to Miss Kinsley.
  • Board Game day to take place in Spring 1 – a mix of making and bringing own from home.
  • Classes to hold new councils and them EL and AH to feedback to Mrs Parker.


School Council Minutes 8.11.18


Present: GT, Emily, Amber, Callum, Maci


  • GT is now heading the school council as the staff member. All school council members identified their roles.
  • Discussion regarding the Bring and Buy sale for Children in Need. GT explained there hadn’t been many donations and so a note was being put on the Friday letter. Maci suggested we write it on the outside whiteboard for parents to see and GT suggested one of the council stand with Mrs Parker on a morning to promote the event. Agreed.
  • Next Thursday’s meeting will involve pricing the donated items according to their condition. Items to be prices at £5 or less. Agreed.
  • GT to email staff regarding the duck race taking place. £2 entry and no prize to be given, just money to be donated.
  • During the Bring and Buy Sale a box to be put out for donations if people don’t want to buy anything. Agreed.


School Council 24.9.18

All members were present today.

Each member received their chosen badge; a red shield and had a group photograph taken.

The committee discussed their role in school and the expectations that go with the role.

Emily discussed classroom expectations, she thought that some children were not being respectful by not listening or being silly during lessons.

Amber thought football was becoming a problem at dinner time and some pupils in Sapphires were squabbling over silly things.

Diamond committee members like their new teacher Mrs Reynolds.

“She is friendly, nice and fun.”

Finan said school was “awesome”

Some children commented that sometimes dinnertime in the hall was very noisy.

School council were reminded that they could quietly ask the children sitting with them to use indoor voices.

All classes will have class discussions during the next week. School council reps will bring suggestions to their next meeting on 8th October.



School/Eco Council 17.9.18

The two councils met today for their first meeting. There are two representatives for each year group chosen by their classmates.


SchooL Council










Emily W





Eco Council














Together the children chose badges and wrote a new school prayer.




Give us strength to care for our environment by being thoughtful about the way we live.

We will respect everyone how we would want to be respected.

Help us to support those who are less fortunate.

We are grateful that we have a roof over our heads and food on our plates.

It is our right as children to grow up without hatred and to live and be loved in a safe and peaceful world.




School Council 11.6.18


Millie, AlfieT, Jake and William not present.


Summer Fair

Ask for donations of small washed glass jars and a new soft toy or doll. Mrs Hesp to put on the Friday letter.


The use of the football nets are causing problems.

School Council have decided that Emeralds will have the nets during morning break this week and Sapphires will have them at lunch time. They will swap times each week from tomorrow (12th June) to the end of term.

Diamonds and Rubies would like bigger cones from the PE store for their goals.

Trim Trail

Pupils need to be reminded of how to use it safely. Adults to monitor how it is being used.

Basket Balls

Could we have some new ones?


Class Names

Suggestion for names:





Chocolate bars

Brand names


Cartoon characters


Next meeting 25.6.18




 School Council 21.5.18


Alfie D, Harvey and Nevis not present.


Sponsored Event

The committee were pleased that the sponsored numeracy treasure hunt will be this Friday. It is one of the activities the committee suggested.

Summer Fair

This is on Saturday 14th July as usual the School Council will be having a stall. We discussed some ideas.

  • Lolly stick treasure hunt
  • Find an object in the slime
  • Guess the name of a soft toy (a donation of a new toy would be appreciated)
  • Throw a wet sponge at a teacher
  • Recycled jars with tea lights decorated by the school council.


New Chair of Governors

We discussed the qualities the person should have to take on this role.

  • He/she should be friendly, kind and helpful
  • Make good choices
  • Know what is happening in school and in classes
  • Know about the budget and how to use the money
  • Know what a good teacher is

Next meeting 11.6.18





All members present.

Each class rep commented on views raised by their class.

  • The noise in the hall has improved. SC to remain sitting at

 every table to monitor this.

  • Eco mix up day was enjoyed by everyone. Can we have one each term?
  • Are Fit Bits and smart watches allowed school?
  • Can we have some more playtime equipment? Stompers and balls.
  • Fund raising ideas. Wear your PJ’s to school.
  • Talent show.
  • Could the monkey bars be fitted with rubber grips? They are giving us blisters.

Sponsored fund raising.

The children suggested several ideas.

Non-uniform day, obstacle course football match or goal shoot, collect 20p’s in a Smartie tube, treasure hunt, numeracy or literacy clues, answer twenty questions about something.


At our next meeting ideas for the Summer Fair will be discussed.


Next meeting 21.5.18




All members present.

Millie and Alfie reported that Mrs Parker agreed to Red Nose Sports Relief Day on Friday 23rd March.

Dinner Time

Mrs Newton has reported that the noise levels in the hall have risen and children are not following the dinner time expectations.

It was noted that only one class was displaying the dinner time poster.

Action: Posters to be displayed in all classes, one member from each class to reinforce the rules.

A school council member will sit at every dinner table. They will politely remind pupils about noise and dinner time expectations.

Trim Trail

This new equipment has been positively welcomed by the children.

The committee suggested some rules when using the equipment.

  • queue in a line

  • don’t push in

  • be safe

  • take turns

Action: school council members to monitor how the equipment is being used.


Alfie D commented that not all children playing football were staying on their pitch.

Sapphires have lost their ball.

Rubies children reported that the big ones kept taking their ball.

Action: children to be reminded about how football is played at dinner time.


Next meeting  19.3.18




All members present.

School Council would like to organise some activities for Red Nose Comic Relief day on Friday 23rd March.

After much discussion this is what was suggested.

 Children donate £1 to take part.

The theme is a billion steps a day.

Rubies-Nursery; walk along a balance bar, reception stepping on a bench.

Diamonds-squat and star jumps.

Emeralds-skip on the spot or run whilst skipping.

Sapphires-three legged walk around the field.

Children can accessories their PE kit with something red: socks, cap, t-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or joggers.


Millie and Alfie T meet with Mrs Parker.


Next meeting 5.3.18





Harry, Dylan and Harvey absent



The majority of the council liked the new time for assembly. Most agreed this meant they could start work without interruption after registration.

They enjoy what is being delivered each day in assembly, especially singing with Mr Hookham.


A variety of different songs to be taught, not just for assembly, popular songs for KS2 and fun action songs for KS1 and Foundation.


Chester suggested that you should have a treat on your birthday and still be sung to and get a card in assembly.


Year 6 will print and write a birthday card and find out when each pupils birthday is ready for assembly.

Red Nose Sports Relief

The council would like to suggest sponsored sporting events on Friday 23rd March. Pupils could accessorise their PE kit by wearing something red with it.

Mrs MacKenzie has ordered some information packs.

Tuck Shop

We would like a healthy eating Tuck Shop for every class at the end of every half term. Rubies still have a Tuck Shop every Friday.

Millie and Alfie will meet with Mrs Parker.


Next meeting 5.2.18




All members present.


Alfie and Millie spoke to the committee with the outcomes of their meeting with Mrs Parker.

Actions agreed

  • A large piece of outdoor equipment called a Trim Trail will be sited on the school field. This has been funded with some of the PE money.
  • Sweet sale after school run by FOKPS.
  • Wet playtime boxes and an outdoor jigsaw can be purchased if the school council organise a fundraising event.
  • A Talent Show sometime next year.
  • We have Fun Days instead of Golden Time.
  • Rewards for being quieter in the hall at dinner time. School council members to politely remind children at their table to use quiet voices.

Actions yet to be discussed

  • Assembly before or after morning break.
  • An afternoon playtime.
  • Learn a language.
  • Pupils choose where to sit a lunch time.

Actions not agreed

  • Choose what to do in PE. We have to follow the curriculum taught in school.
  • Rugby balls at playtime. It is a contact sport and it needs to be taught.
  • Change class names. This will be reviewed in the summer term.
  • Bring i Pads and tablets to school. All electrical equipment has to be PAT tested, too much of a responsibility for the school.
  • School i Pads to be used a wet playtimes on a rota. Pupils need to be monitored what they are accessing on the internet.

Parliament Question Time.


Millie, Alfie T and Harry R represented our school at this event. They had an interesting afternoon and found it informative; some of their questions were answered by the panel.


Christmas Fair


The council will have a stall with a treasure hunt game and guess how many sweets in a jar.


Next meeting 11.12.17



School Council 17.11.17

Question Time Event

Questions for individual panellists

Nigel Adams- MP for Selby and Ainsty
•    Why did you want to become an MP?
•    How often do you go to Parliament? What do you do when you are there?
•    What is it like being an MP?

Richard Corbett-MEP for Yorkshire and Humber
•    What is Brexit?

David Buckle-Selby Council
•    We need more cycle paths in this area, Kellington, Beal, Kellingley and Whitley and Eggborough. Are there any plans for them to make cycling safer?

Julia Mulligan-North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
•    We are worried about terrorism, what is being done for our safety in public places and events?
•    Do you work in an office or go out with Police Officers?
•    How many police dogs are there in North Yorkshire? What jobs do they do?




This meeting was for years 4,5 and 6 members only.

Parliament Week Question Time

This event is taking place at Sherburn High on the 17th November.

A group of children from Sapphires will be attending. The School Council have prepared some questions they would like to ask the panellists.

Who are the panellists?

Nigel Adams - MP for Selby and Ainsty

Julia Mulligan - North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

David Buckle - Selby Council

Richard Corbett - MEP for Yorkshire and Humber

Millie and Alfie have met with Mrs Parker they will feed back at our next meeting.


Next meeting 20.11.17




Harry Riordan absent.


Two members have lost their badges

Class council meetings

All classes have now have had their meetings.

The council discussed the pros and cons of some of the suggestions. Alfie and Millie will meet with Mrs Parker and then feed back at the next meeting.

Skateboard and scooter day

This proved to be very popular with all the children.

This day was arranged as this was a suggestion made by a previous school council.


Next meeting 13.10.17




All members present.

  • Each member now has a blue shield badge.
  • We raised £111 for the Jeans for Gene’s charity. We support this organisation because there is a pupil in Y5 who has a genetic condition.

Feedback from class council meetings.

Diamonds and Sapphires have yet to have their discussions.


  • We like school.
  • Dinners are great, but the hall is sometimes too noisy.


  • Change the class names.
  • Learn different languages.
  • Bring your tablet to school to use at playtime.
  • The multiplex is a bit damaged and dirty.(bird droppings)
  • Classes to vote for a different PE activity at the end of each half term.
  • PTA sweet sale every Friday after school.

We discussed some of the suggestions but we will wait to get ideas from Emerald and Sapphires.


Next meeting 16.10.17




A new committee has been voted in by their classes.

Millie Y6 chairperson

Alfie T Y6 assistant

Alfie D Y5 clerk

Harry R Y5 assistant

Dylan Y4

Olivia Y4

Thomas Y3

Harvey Y3

Harry R Y2

Nevis Y2

Chester Y1

Lily Y1

William R

Jake R

  • A blue shield badge has been chosen.
  • We will be supporting Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 22nd September. Children are to come into school wearing denim clothing for a donation of £1.
  • Millie and Alfie T will introduce the council at Wednesdays Assembly.
  • Class council discussions will take place during the next fortnight.

The next meeting will be on 2nd October.

In September the following children were chosen by their class to represent Kellington School Council.

  • Sharna
  • Joel
  • Millie
  • James
  • Alfie
  • Harry
  • Demi
  • Callum
  • Lucie
  • Thomas
  • Jacob
  • Nevis
  • Chester
  • Neive


School Council Report 2016

It has been another busy year for the council. The children involved have worked hard and made excellent contributions to the meetings.

Mrs Newton, school governor, has attended every meeting this year. We thank her for her continued support.


September – A new committee was formed, the children nominated were Oliver, Nevis, Max, Edward, Isobel M, Josh H, Abbie,  Alfie T, Lacey W B, Alex, Bryony, Daniel, Jake and Bradley.

The first class meetings were held with suggestions from each class for the coming year.

October- Actions agreed by Mrs Parker, fund raising day, no uniform, and curriculum visitors in school, different afterschool clubs, sponsored wellie walk and a talent show.

We wrote the school prayer.

November- We raised £125 for Children in Need, dressing as Super Heroes for the day

December – Floral Christmas table arrangements were made and sold at the Christmas Fair, Making over £40 for the PTA.


January/February-Working with Mrs Newton we discussed how to improve lunch time in the hall. We wrote a list of behaviour expectations.

Playground equipment was discussed and agreed that no new equipment would be purchased.

March- We began work on the Star Schools Charter, it is a working document.

April- To celebrate Tour de Yorkshire we held a competition to design a Fantasy Bike. Art materials were given as prizes.

May/June. Summer fair, again we had a stall and made and sold decorated funny face biscuits raising money for the PTA.

The Talent Show was a huge success. Six act from KS2 took part. Megan Kealey and Bradley Webster won as a singing and dance act called The Gothic Nightmares.


The final meeting this year will be on Thursday 21st July.


School Council Meeting 11.1.17

Members present: Joel, Millie, Callum, Lucie, Thomas, Jacob, Nevis, Neive.

  • Christmas Fair - we made over £30 on our stall, thank you to the children who helped.
  • Joel and Millie will report to Mrs Parker with ideas from the children during class council meetings.
  •  K2 members discussed The Rights of a Child; we will soon have our own charter for Kellington School.
  •  A new Eco committee has been elected, their first meeting is on Wednesday 18th January at !:45 pm.

Next School Council meeting Wednesday 25th January.



Demi, Alfie, Sharna and James did not attend.

Sustainability survey

.Dangerous manoeuvres in the road

.Parking in front of the school gates, across drives, on street corners

.Parking in the bus lay by or dropping children off in it

.Parking on the yellow zigzags

.Exceeding the speed limit of 20 mph

. Crossing the road using the red zone.



1. Red Lion parking-Friday letter

2. Design a poster walking to school

3. Enquire about scooter training-Mrs Hesp

4. Pupil monitoring traffic survey

5. Walking bus-leave cars at the Red Lion pub, an organized group of adults to walk children to school.

6. Travel policy.


Joel and Millie will monitor energy saving throughout the school every lunch time. Class eco monitors will do the same in their classrooms.

The plastic bottle count for this month is 67.

Mrs. Parker attended this meeting.


School Council Meeting 29.11.16

All members present.

  • Children were reminded about the importance of wearing their badge.
  • Plastic bottle count for November is 38.
  • Sharna will again remind the school about not putting general rubbish in the bin.
  • We are supporting the PTA at the Christmas Fair with a stall.

There will be a treasure hunt game and guess how many Santa sweets in a jar,


Next meeting 13.12.16


School Council 18.10.16

All members present.

Class council meetings


  • More books in the classroom library.
  • Change class names to planet names, flowers, countries or football teams.
  • New playground equipment; basket balls, pogo sticks, hula hoops.


  • Mix up days, working with different teachers and children.
  • Golden time at the end of every half term.
  • Enterprise club.
  • Curriculum days every term.

Diamonds and Rubies

  • New playground equipment.

ECO Council

We collected forty nine plastic bottles at lunch time this term. It was noted that other rubbish was being put in the bin. Sharna will talk about the recycling bin in assembly.

Switch Off Fortnight.

This national event takes place from the 14th to 27th November. Our ECO monitors will be checking how we can save energy in school.


Next meeting Tuesday 15th November.


School/Eco Council Meeting 4.10.16

Demi was absent from this meeting.

  • Children received their badges today.
  • We raised £106 for Jeans for Genes.
  • Class Council meetings to be held over the next week.

Possible items to discuss:

  • Making links with other schools
  • The water fountains
  • Lunch time
  • School trips
  • Curriculum days
  • School field.

The Rights of a Child.

Articles 12, 24 and 31 discussed

Next meeting 18.10.16


School/Eco Council Minutes 21.9.16

Fourteen children, two from each year group have been elected by their classes.

A red shield badge was chosen and a group photograph taken.

Sharna, Joel, James and Millie will introduce the charity event Jeans for Genes Day in Wednesday’s assembly.

The children discussed ideas for a new school prayer and wrote one together.


We Are...

We are one race,

The human race,

We are all different, but the same.

We share this world with all mankind.

We try to live peacefully together.

Help us to be selfless not selfish.

We are grateful for our lives, our world and everything we have in it.





School Council 12.5.16

Meeting attended by KS2 and Mrs Newton (governor)

  • Silver Traffic Light.

This system will be in place by the summer term to reward children who do above and beyond.

These children will be acknowledged in assembly and awarded a HT sticker

  • Yellow and red cards.

This will be used by any adult during a football game. Sanctions will be used if a child is given a card.

2 yellows = 1 day ban. Straight red = 3 day ban.

  • The school council are working towards writing a Children’s Rights and Responsibilities charter for the school.
  • As requested by KS2 a Talent Show will take place at the end of June. Auditions will be done after half term.
  • Some members will interview candidates for the HLTA position on 24th May.

Next meeting 16th June


School Council 28.4.16

All members present.

Apologies from Mrs Newton (governor)

Judging of the Fantasy Bike competition was done by the School Council.

Foundation and KS1 was judged by KS2 in a secret ballot.

KS2 was judged by Foundation and KS1 in the same way.

Foundation winner-Saoirse Baker-Richardson, aged 3

KS1 winner-Ellie Williams aged 7

KS2 winner-Joe Fullard aged 8

Prizes of art materials will be awarded in Friday’s assembly.

Thank you to all the children for taking part.


Next meeting 12.5.16


School Council 14.4.16

This meeting was attended by all members and Mrs Newton (governor)

  • Noise levels have risen in the hall at lunch time; children will remind their classes about lunch time expectations.
  • Ideas were discussed for the Summer Fair. School Council will have a stall, selling something they have made and some games.
  • To link with the Tour de Yorkshire a competition is to be held to design a fantasy bike. Judging will be done by the council on 28th April. Winners from each key stage will be announced in Friday assembly.
  • The sponsored wellie walk was enjoyed by the children, who thought it was a good money raising event.

 Next meeting 28.4.16



Bradley Webster- Chair
Jake Griffiths- Assistant
Bryony Dickinson-Secretary

Daniel Burnley-Clerk
Alfie Thompson
Lacey Wright-Brook
Abbie Jeffrey
Alex Toes
Josh Helstrip
Isobel McManus

Edward Howdle
Max Schofield
Oliver Muir
Nevis Bate

  1. A new committee has been elected. Each member was voted for by their classmates. There are two reps from each year group.
  2. Our chosen charity for this term is Genes for Jeans, a charity helping children with genetic disorders. One of our pupils has Apert syndrome. On Friday 19th September pupils can come to school wearing jeans or denim for a minimum donation of £1.
  3. On Monday the Key Stage 2 members gave an assembly about the charity. We thanked Miss Wilson for talking about why the charity is so important to families like them.
  4. At our first meeting we were given our badges and made posters to advertise Genes for Jeans day.


School Council 17.3.16

Emerald reps and Nevis absent.

  • Star Schools.  Write a charter to make our schools better.

Ideas discussed about making children healthier through physical activities.

Have permanent markings on the school field, (not just seasonal) the football pitch and running track.

Have more choices on the PE curriculum that are taught to the whole school (yoga, basketball, street dance.)

Make more use of the hall apparatus.

 PE lessons to be longer.

Swimming lessons offered to all children.


School trips to be more frequent and varied. Visits to cities and urban areas.

More male teachers teaching in Primary schools.

  • Dinner time.

Mrs Newton reported that there had been an improvement, noise levels were down and behaviour in the hall was much better.

  • AOB

KS2 would like a talent show in the summer term.

Next meeting 14.4.16


School Council 3.3.16

Sapphire representatives and Alfie not present.

Mrs Newton (governor) attended this meeting.

  • Street dance. Positive feedback from KS2 pupils.

“It’s fun and we learn something new every week.” Lacey WB

“It’s great, we are doing it all term.” Alex.

“I am glad we to asked to do it.” Abbie

This activity was asked for by pupils in their class meetings.


  • Star Alliance School Council meeting.

We were unable to attend the meeting in January at Riverside School.

We discussed a topic they had covered which is the rights and responsibilities of a child.

We will work towards writing a Charter that would make our school better.


Next meeting 17.3.16


School Council 11.2.16

Members not present: Josh, Isobel and Edward.

Mrs Newton (governor) attended the meeting.

  • Discussion with Mrs Newton continued about lunch time expectations in the hall. The children agreed that the rules should be minimal but effective.

At lunch time we will;

  • Use inside voices
  • Respect all adults
  • Remember our manners
  • Be calm

 Posters were designed and Mrs Newton will show them to the MSA’s for approval.

They will be shared in assembly and displayed in every classroom and the hall.


Next meeting 10.3.16




School Council 14.1.16

Daniel, Bryony and AlfieT absent.

  • Top table and playground equipment.

All classes have talked about the above, which the school council discussed further.

Bradley and Jake will report to Mrs. Parker.

  • Changes to the start of the day.

Ten children are not keen on the new system.

The reasons given were there is no time to talk and meet up with friends; you can run around before coming into school. It’s a time to chill. You can spend more time with your mum.

Nevis and Oliver did not vote as Rubies start to the day is different.

Next meeting 28.1.16


School Council 7.1.16

All children present.

  • Top table – KS1 children did not know why we had it and some KS2 were not sure if it was the teachers or MSA’s who nominated children. Most children liked the idea of sitting with a teacher, some felt awkward.

It is hard to choose a friend to sit with.

Some felt they had not been chosen for a long time, the system was not fair.

Eight children were for top table, five against.

  • Playground equipment – New equipment has been purchased, many felt it was not been looked after or children were using it properly.

Children argue over the equipment.

It is left out at the end of playtime.

Six voted to keep the equipment seven were not bothered about it. These children are in KS2.

Football was not discussed.

Action –  class meetings to discuss the above. Suggestions brought to the next meeting.

AOB – KS2 would like a talent show.

Lunch time superstars, the same class always win the most. Some thought they were not always the best behaved.

Next meeting 14.1.16


School Council 15.10.15

Alfie and Lacey absent.

Bradley read out actions agreed by Mrs Parker following our class discussions.
•    No uniform and SMIRF dress up days, in the spring and summer terms.
•    Whole school bake off day in the spring or summer term.
•    Large play ground games to be bought with fund raising money.
•    Additional clubs; sewing, music and cricket next year. Contact rugby is not suitable for Primary children.
•    Possible extra trips to be paid for by the PTA.

The School Council has worked together to write a new prayer for assembly called Thank You.

We looked around the library with an eye to improve it. Many interesting ideas were discussed which have been passed onto Mrs Tomlinson.

School Council Meeting 1/10/15

Jake absent.

Bradley Webster-Chair of Council

Jake Griffiths-Assistant

Bryony Dickinson-Secretary

Daniel Burnley-Clerk

  • Badges given out.
  • Feedback was given from the class meetings. The committee voted on the ideas they most liked and what would be achievable. Bradley, Bryony and Daniel will meet with Mrs Parker to discuss.
  • Mrs Tomlinson has asked if the council could make suggestions of how to improve the look of the library, this will be discussed at our next meeting.

School Council Meeting 17/9/15

Jake and Daniel absent.

  • Blue shield badges were chosen.
  • Team point counters have been welcomed by the children as a new form of scoring. Sapphires would like to use this method instead of a tally chart.
  • The new tables in the hall are a success, although K2 would like to have a turn at sitting at them. Thank you to the committee of 2013/14 for asking for them.
  • Golden time is better as two key stages. Suggestions for future activities; cookery, painting, construction, sewing and gym.
  • The charity we are supporting this term is Children in Need on 12/11/15. The theme is Heroes, fictitional and real life.
  • The children commented on our new head Mrs Parker, as nice, strict but fair, friendly and approachable.

17th March 2015

Hayden and Reese not present.

  • We had fun coming to school with our faces painted for Red Nose Day. We raised a fantastic £214.10 through selling noses and donations for the Comic Relief charity.
  • Sandal Magna Academy will be visiting on 26th March. We have invited them to have lunch. We are looking forward to their visit.
  • School Council have been invited to talk to the candidates for the Head teacher position. 

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